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​It's pretty simple -- Five Minutes Left is a band with two primary goals: 


To play great music and to give the audience a great show. 

We are a high-energy, hard-rocking band who loves to play everything from classic to 90's to contemporary rock music.  Our set list is diverse, but it will get people banging their heads and pumping their fists.


Not to fear if you have a smaller venue or a private event.  We have a softer side, too.  (Well, soft-ish.)  We can play our set acoustically, so if needed, we can bring our music to more intimate settings, as well.


​We have our own PA that we can bring to small to medium-sized events, if needed, for a reasonable fee.

Some of the bands we feature during our shows:

Audioslave - The Beatles - Breaking Benjamin -

Bush - ​Chevelle - Collective Soul - FML Originals - Foo Fighters - Godsmack - Live - Metallica - Pearl Jam - The Pretty Reckless - Rage Against The Machine - Seether - Stevie Wonder - Stone Sour - Stone Temple Pilots - Etc.

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